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We are cautious for our dogs, puppies, and our safety.  Unfortunately, we do not have an open door policy where you can just show up.  Safety is the utmost concern for us.  However, we can FaceTime or video our puppies when time allows.  Please go to a dog show and check out the type and temperament of any dog breed you are interesting in purchasing.  Herding dogs are not for everyone.  With these breeds,  you need to have had a dog prior as they are higher energy dogs.  They also need space to move and run off energy.  They are super active, loyal, and never grow old.  They bark and they shed.  In addition, they drop their coat seasonally, so you will need to prepare yourselves to groom the dog regularly.  


We do meet and greet events when it is nice outside if you are a person that has placed a deposit.  As stated, we don't have people come to our house for visits.  We don't do meet and greet in the winter.  We will do the VIRTUAL MEET UP, using Google Meetup, or FaceTime.   Because my dogs are my home, I don't have a "business area" for presentation of puppies.  I have to put my own dogs in their crate until people leave if we have people come in the house.  We willl post videos of the puppies as they mature on Facebook and Youtube.  

With our assistance after temperament testing , we will help you select the best puppy for you out of those who fit your life and home. Your puppy will be ready to leave at 8 -9 weeks.  If there are any schedule conflicts and you are unable to take your puppy home at that time , please let me know ahead of time and arrangements can be made.   Any puppy needing to stay longer than 9 weeks of age will have a boarding fee assessed  to cover food, age appropriate vaccines, and additional deworm if needed.  This boarding fee is $15 per day which is due at pick up. 


Thank you for helping us protect the health of our puppies!


Welcome to the Battlefield family!  

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