We practice social distancing especially when we have litters on the ground.  I don't allow people to come meet my personal dogs just to meet the breed.  Please go to a dog show and check out the type and temperament.  Herding dogs are not for everyone.  They bark and they have lots of energy.  In addition, they drop their coat seasonally, so you will need to prepare yourselves to groom the dog regularly.  


We ask that you “visit” us online  and get familiar with us.   You may safely see our dogs and watch our puppies grow via Facebook and our website. We photograph  and video often.  


 If you have paid a deposit for one of our puppies, you will be invited to come meet  your puppy at about 5/6 weeks or at an alternate location,   Remember, only PAID deposits will be visiting puppies.  WE are not being secretive, just making sure we  and our family are safe which includes puppies.


With our assistance after temperament testing , you will select the best puppy for you out of those who fit your life and home. Your puppy will be ready to leave at 8 weeks.  If there are any schedule conflicts and you are unable to take your puppy home at that time , please let me know ahead of time and arrangements can be made.   Any puppy needing to stay longer than 9 weeks of age will be required to pay a boarding fee to cover food, age appropriate vaccines, and additional deworm if needed.  This boarding fee is $15 per day which is due at pick up.

 Because this is my home where myself, my husband, and children reside, please be respectful and don't bring anyone except those in your immediate family (spouses, children, significant other).  NO OTHER PETS ALLOWED.


Thank you for helping us protect the health of our puppies!

"Some  of our puppies will become great show dogs, but they ALL will be great pets."  - Frank Baylis

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