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On this page, you will find information about litters we are having or have, procedural overviews, pricing, and the Battlefield application.  

To the left is one of our past puppies owned and loved by a photographer, Jessica Pugliese, who does amazing work.  Check her out!

We look forward in hearing from you soon!

Miniature American Shepherd puppies and Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Virginia


Limited Registration & Pet Performance Homes

This kind of home has LIMITED REGISTRATION but full ownership,   That means they must be spayed or neutered at 15-24 mos.  Once we receive the spay and neuter documentation, I will complete the registration and send to you. 


Show Homes

This kind of home will be co-ownership with us until contract obligations are met.   That means they will need to be exhibited at dog shows and or performance events. Seasoned show breeders are welcome as well as a novice who will work with us and honor the contract.  We will do a complete evaluation at 7 - 8 weeks.  

Guarding Home Program
(Selectively placed in experience homes)


A guardian home is when you have a "pick of the litter puppy" saved for show or to be used in the breeding program for a fraction of the price. The guardian home helps us preserve the progeny of our lines that we developed. This puppy or adult dog is part of your family and lives in your home, while the breeding rights are retained by us for a short period to preserve the best genetics for our small breeding program. Once this dog has completed its breeding career, they will be spayed or neutered. This dog will always remain a member of your family. This program allows for our dogs to live a normal, happy life in families where they get individual attention while allowing use to continue to develop our breeding progam. What is the benefit? You get the best we can offer! These puppies and dogs are selected by evaluation for form and function which is outlined in our breed standard. The guardian is responsible for routine care and wellness. The guardian is responsible for any maintenance or needed medical care as it would be with any other pet owner. Do note, the guardian family is not responsible for any expenses related to breeding. Those are our responsibility. To be considered a guardian home, you need to live locally. We prefer the puppy live no more than 1-2 hours from our house. You also must have a fully enclosed yard, own your own home or lease with permission to have a dog, have a schedule that gives you time to be with the dog, and the willingness to be separated for short periods from the dog. You also need to be flexible with the sex of the dog. Female puppies and dogs placed in guardian homes, need to keep in good contact with us. When the female dog goes into heat after full testing and after 2 years of age, you are required to contact us immediately. At this time, we will need access to her for any necessary breeding related appointments. Once she has been bred, she will remain with you until one or two weeks before her due date and will come home once puppies are fully weaned which is five to six weeks after whelp date. Most of our females will have 1 - 3 litters. However, each dog is individually assessed before determining how many litters she will have. The health and well being of our breeding dogs is our priority. If we decide not to breed the puppy placed with you, you will receive written permission to spay or neuter your companion. If you spay or neuter a guardian home dog prior to our permission to do so, you will need to pay the full price for the dog at that time as if you were buying a puppy. If you are interested in being part of the guardian home program, please let me know.

PRICING & Procedures

We spend a lot of time each year, planning future breedings after we champion our dogs.  We focus on temperament, structure, and function which is how they do their job.  All of our puppies as well as dogs under 2 years of age are sold on a limited registration to companion homes starting at $2500.


We do not charge extra for coat color, eye color, or sex. All of the puppies in a litter are raised and cared for exactly the same.  There is a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy that will be collected when the puppies are born (not before) and the remaining will be paid at pick up or at the puppy play day meet and greet.  

I will send out an email blast from the litter application that will let you know the litter is born.  So, if you are ready, time to complete the litter application!  

We strive on making from the time they are born to the time they leave the best it can be. We use ENS stimulation, and they are exposure to lots of things, including power tools.  Puppies are handled from the moment they are born and claws are trimmed starting the first couple of days.  We play relaxing music in the puppy room to help keep mom stress free.  

Puppies start transitioning to solid food at four weeks and mom begins to wean them.  Puppies have a potty area in the whelp box, so they start potty training as soon as they start eating. They begin going outside in the covered 15 x 20 kennel to get used to the outside.  They start with only a few minutes at a time.  

By the end of the fifth week, they look forward going out each morning!!!  We have them in the kennel only with no open yard due to the birds of prey in the woods. We don't want to risk a puppy life at this age.  


Between six and seven weeks, we have a puppy meet and greet on the weekend.  This is when puppies will meet their new owners!  We also do Zoom meet and greets if people can't come.  I will set up my phone on my tripod and owners can watch all the interaction!  They also start going out with the big dogs in the yard with human supervision.


We give them their vaccine prior to the vet visit which is at 8 - 9 weeks.  We deworm all puppies and mom every one to two weeks starting at week 2.  Moms continue on with heart worm prevention. We begin crate training and potty training as soon as they can walk on their four legs around 4-5 weeks of age. 

Many people choose to pick up their puppy at my vet in Gainesville, VA which is perfectly fine.  Otherwise, puppy pick ups are done on the weekend by appointment time.

Puppies going to show homes are evaluated for structure prior to going home. That is done between 7 - 8 weeks.

NOTE:  WE DO NOT PLACE PUPPIES BASED ON EYE COLOR OR COAT COLOR.  We place puppies based on temperament and best fit homes.  

upcoming & current litters

CH Abington's Silver Lining x CH Battlefield's Black Diamond
ARRIVED:  August 14, 2023

1 blue merle female

2 black tri males

1 blue merle male

CH Abington's Silver Lining, Sire

CH Battlefield's Black Diamond


If you are serious about securing a puppy from us, please fill out the application by clicking below.  We will contact your shortly.



In order to give our breeding dogs the very best life possible, it is important to limit how many dogs we personally keep at our home. But in order to breed the highest quality dogs possible, we need to continuously show our breeding stock and breed our lines up in quality. For this reason, we have started our Guardian Home Program which is very LIMITED.  Our goal is not to breed a lot of dogs, but produce the best we can.  Our Guardian Home Program allows us to expand our dog breeding program as well as give our breeding stock individualized attention that they deserve in their very own home.  

We view our Guardian Home Program as a true “win-win” situation. Our Guardian Families receive a “pick of the litter” quality puppy at pet price (and in some cases free of charge depending on the circumstances) in return for being a partner with us during the reproductive period of the dog's life.  We have the satisfaction of knowing that our breeding dogs are living life as cherished family members.  We don't breed often, but this gives us more selection options for breeding.  Not all puppies will qualify for this program.  Only puppies that are evaluated as show prospects will be considered.  

To qualify for our guardian home program, you must:

1.  Live within 2 hours of Fredericksburg, VA and be flexible for dropping off and picking up the dog for needed health testing, vet visits, breeding, whelping, and showing.

2.  Be prepared for a home-visit and provide references, if asked, prior to the animal being placed in your care.

3.  Keep the dog safe and contained at all times with a fence.

4.  Keep the animal up to date in vet care.  We are responsible for all health testing and breeding related expenses while the dog is in our program.  The guardian is in charge of all other vet expenses.

5.  No plans to relocate for at least 5 years with all contact information remaining current.

6.  Understand that we are giving you a show quality dog in exchange for willingness to communicate, cooperated, and coordinate with us during the dog's time in our program, and be dedicated to provide a safe and loving home for the lifetime of the dog.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian to a Battlefield puppy and meet the qualifications needed, please complete our application and notate that you are interested in becoming a guardian home prospect.  

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