Battlefield's Saved by a Kiss x CH On the Hill Breaks Free with Battlefield

Miniature American Shepherd Litter, TBA

GCH Ashland's Heartthrob x Battlefield's Dark Side

Miniature American Shepherd Litter, TBA

Battlefield's 4 Alarm Fire  x Battlefield's Pixie Dust, (ASCA and AKC)

Australian Shepherd Litter, TBA

What comes with a Battlefield puppy?

What comes with your Battlefield Puppy?

  • ​Fully Genetically Tested Parents

  • 4 year Genetic Hip and Eye Guarantee if you continue feeding your dog Life's Abundance.

  • Raised with Puppy Culture methods

  • Family and Home Raised

  • Well Socialized by Children and Adults

  • AKC Limited Registration

  • Age Appropriate Vaccines and Preventative Worming schedule

  • Puppy Vet Check at 8 Weeks Old

  • Lifetime of Support, Tips, Tricks and Advice

  • ​and more!

  • Puppies are evaluated at 6-8 weeks to identify quality and temperament.

  • Puppies are chosen based on puppy to new owner match. Show/Breed are chosen and those left will go to pet/companions.  If we know a puppy is not going to reach the show/breeding prospect level, we open that puppy for a deposit if earlier between 0-6 weeks old. 

  • After 6 weeks old, 1/2 of purchase price is due once contract is signed and remainder at pick up.  After 7-8 weeks, all of the purchase price is due once contract is signed.  We do a puppy visit any time between 5 -8 weeks.  Puppies go home around 8-10 weeks old.  

  • If you cancel the reservation, no money will be returned if money was given for a deposit.  The only way to ensure you have a puppy in a litter is to put down a deposit.  That deposit is good until you get a puppy.  But, if we have had no interaction with you or you haven't been approved to send money, it is your loss if we decide not to sell a puppy at that time.  Please do not send money until we receive an application, and we have talked to you on the phone.  Until we sign a contract, you will not own the puppy.  Until the puppy is fully paid, you don't not have rights to a puppy.  Please do not make demands if we have not done either.  

Limited Registration & Pet/Performance Homes


This kind of home has full ownership, but limited registration from AKC.  That means they must be spayed or neutered at 12-15 mos.   These puppies are more than companions.  They have a job and need to keep focused.  We do require buyers to work on dog obedience/training.  This is more than puppy kindergarten.  They need to know who is the person in charge and that they will have a structured life of security.  Many kennel clubs have wonderful training classes.  The great things with this is that you totally are bonded with the dog and response to your commands and not as reactive as it would be otherwise.  Obedience is such a great thing to have and within these breeds, paramount. 


If you want to do agility, you can, but only after the dog is 2 years old.  The bones need to fully fuse to be sure they do not have injury and damage joints.

These families bond and enjoy their new family member and keep us up to date on their wonderful new life with their new family.

Show Homes

start at $3500

These homes plan on showing the dog in conformation and will be have full AKC registration and on a co-ownership contract or in some cases full ownership.  These homes have additional requirements such as gaining championship as well as full testing requirements.  Males stay as co-owned.  But bitches will be moved to owner after championship has been acquired and fully tested.  We will stay as a mentor and be kept in the loop with breedings.  

These dogs are shaped for showing and spend a lot of time in conformation classes as well as socializing with other animals a lot.  These homes are more into "FOO FOO" grooming, and fantastic representation of the breed, and spending as much time snuggling their dog until the next show.   These dogs also could get the titles on the other end of the registered name as well. 


Currently, we are working on rally with several of our dogs, since they finished their championship.

We will send you home with a complimentary All Stages Small System purchased by us for you!  But, we want all clients to order their first All Life Stages Healthy Start!  

  •  8 lb. bag of Life’s Abundance All Life Stage Dog Food

  • 30-tablet bottle of Life's Abundance Wellness Food Supplement

  • 9-ounce bag of Antioxidant Health Bars

  • 4-ounce bag of Tasty Rewards Training Treats

  • 6 6-inch Buffalo Bully Sticks

  • 4-ounce bottle of Ear Care Formula

  • 12-ounce bottle of Revitalizing Shampoo

  • 8-ounce spray bottle of Bath Fresh Mist

We will set up your account for you and once your puppy goes home, we will ask that you change the password to secure your account.  It is that simple!  

If you are already a Battlefield dog owner, take the Healthy Pet Challenge!  Send me an email, and I will get you started!

"Some  of our puppies will become great show dogs, but they ALL will be great pets."  - Frank Baylis

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