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Miniature American Shepherd puppies and Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Virginia

We are downsizing the Aussie program.

KINSELE, Black Tri Aussie 2 year old, SHOW QUALITY, can go to a show home or performance home with Battlefield retaining control of all breeding rights. She is a small Aussie around 18" tall.   Great with people, kids, and other animals.  She has a high metabolism, so she does consume a lot of food for a tiny little girl. $1500.  This will be a guardian home.  I will pay the owner $500 for each litter that I will use her for in my breeding program.  That means, I will pay for all medical related to breeding such as testing and c-sections if needed.  I will ask that you be available for progesterone testing and breeding to bring the dog to me.  They will return to you until 1-2 weeks before delivery.  They will whelp the litter and go home after puppies are weaned around 7 weeks.  The owner will let me know when heat cycles start and end as needed.  Once I finish using her in the breeding program, she will be spayed and all registration will go to the owner at that time.

LC, Blue Merle Aussie, looking for a guardian home.  She is a finished CH and half way to her GCH.  LC will have two litters, which means that the owner will bring her to me for breeding then at 1 week before delivery, she will stay with me until the puppies are 6 weeks old then goes back home. After the two litters are completed, the owner gets full ownership after spay.  If they so choose, they can take a puppy from the litter as well at no cost.  Breeder reserves first rights to all puppies.   LC can do performance events as well. LC will go to a guardian home at minimal expense (see above).

Both girls new homes will need to be close to Fredericksburg, VA for access by us.



We will have a planned litter in the spring!  
We are hoping for a litter with Gigi and Nick!  

These puppies will be amazing performance prospects.  We look for more families that would love to get into performance events like obedience, rally, agility, and so on.

Limited Registration & Pet/Performance Homes
99% of our puppies go this way 

This kind of home has full ownership, but limited registration from AKC.  That means they must be spayed or neutered at 15-24 mos.   At this point, a document will need to be sent to us to verify the spay or neuter has been completed. 


Show Homes
start at $3500
1% of our puppies go this way

This kind of home has full ownership, but co-ownership registration from AKC.  That means they will need to be exhibited at dog shows and/or performance events.   This takes a lot of commitment by the buyer.  I only sell dogs this way if the buyer is a seasoned show breeder and or a novice who will retain us as their mentor.  Just because a dog is intact, doesn't make it a show dog.  It must evaluated as such and something that would better the breed.

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