$500 plus 4% PP fee

Prepayment with a deposit is strongly encouraged.  When we have an active breeding that has taken place, the deposit for a puppy is $500.00 plus 4% PP.  Otherwise, we do not take deposits until a litter is on the ground.  It is way too hard to keep track, and people change minds.


If the conditions work for you, we will happily welcome you into the Battlefield family.  But, if you send a deposit before speaking with me, and you are not approved, you will forfeit  your deposit.  We do not sell breeding to brokers, pet stores, mass producing puppy businesses, backyard breeders, or puppymills.  All puppies go on a spay or neuter contract with alter being completed at 12-15 mos, not before. 


All puppies are placed on temperament first, regardless of preferences. If you have color or gender preferences, we will try to place a puppy close to those desires.  Matching the temperament of the puppy to his/her new home and people is paramount.  It is noted, if a preferred puppy is not available, deposits will be rolled over to the next litter. Refunds are available if Battlefield terminates the agreement only.  This is a non-refundable deposit.


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