We are a small show breeder in the heart of Virginia.  We are named exclusively due to living in the middle of all the major historical battlefields.  We are true patriots and believe that America's development is majestic and wonderfully important to our freedoms.  


Many people think breeders are in it for just making money.  But, that is not always the case.  We breed a few litters a year and keep something to better the breeding at a time.   We sell our dogs based on pet contracts and will not be permitted to be bred.  WE DON'T SELL rights nor hold registration.  We have dogs that go in co-ownership which usually are people who want to show a dog that is considered best quality.  Sometimes showing isn't the dogs "bag", so the co-owner does other performance events to title the dog.  Those co-owned dogs are the quality used for breeding and stay intact, and may or may not be used in a breeding program.  We do selectively put our "FINISHED" champion males in guardian homes.  WE DO NOT PLACE GIRLS in guardian homes to use for breeding at another time.  That is entirely too long to be away from a family as well as really not the mission we have as a breeder.  Boys can be flexible and can enjoy a home of their own with a family and still be used in our program at our discretion.   We do not release the dog from our contract until we feel they are no longer an asset to our program.  These boys must be within 100 miles from our home.    We keep our breeder owned breeding animals, feed, train, groom, provide health needs, and share our love with each of our dogs seeing them as our pets not property.

We show all our dogs unless that isn't the dog's niche.  I have had a few that didn't like that scene and okay  with it.  But, the majority of our dogs are finished and are finished before they are bred.  We want to prove that the dog is worthy to be bred.

If you are interested in becoming a Battlefield dog owner in the future, we would be glad to accept you in our dog family.  Either drop me an email or complete the application.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all visits will be done via facebook, Facetime, or other means.  Puppies will go home at 8-9 weeks.  We will bring the puppy outside and ask questions providing answers within distance.  All payments will be due 1 week before puppies go home.  No puppy will go home without full payment.  We no longer will accept cash due to cross-contamination.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We will accept PAYPAL payments using Friends and Families.   I only have about 2-3 litters a year.  Therefore, it is paramount to get to us before you want a puppy to come home as the waiting list might be filled.

We feel that it is best that you work to find a breeder of merit in the breed before buying a dog.  Even that, be aware that may breeders can say they are breeders of merit, but are producing a large volume of dogs a year making it possible to have multiple champions only because the volume.  There usually is only 1-2 show quality dogs in a litter.  There might be more finishable dogs, but they really are not true ambassadors of the breed.  Buyer should be aware as should the breeder.  We do not keep up with other breeders and what they might have available.  


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"Some  of our puppies will become great show dogs, but they ALL will be great pets."  - Frank Baylis

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