We are a small show breeder in the heart of Virginia.  We are named exclusively due to living in the middle of all the major historical battlefields.  We are true patriots and believe that America's development is majestic and wonderfully important to our freedoms.  


We train our own dogs as raise puppies using Puppy Culture neurobehavioral techniques.  We use Volhard temperament testing at day 49 and place puppies based the match of the selected applicant and puppy.  We have never had a puppy come back when matched by lifestyle of owners and temperament of puppy.   We will not place puppies based on eye or coat color.  Sometimes that happens, but we will not allow deposits to be taken based on color.  We have many repeat puppy owners and work the situation based on the family and current dog.  Our puppies are on the way to be crate trained and potty trained.  We have a lot of noise going on, so they are very accepting of louder noises.  


We plan every litter with best in mind! We preserve the breed standards and work to conform our dogs to that standard.  Therefore, we only have 2-3 litters a year. 

With that said, we produce the best minis we can and all go in pet homes.  We do not sell show female puppies unless we know who that person is and will preserve the heritage it carries and see the dog as their family.  All female puppies go as pets and spay required.  Neuter is required on all male puppies sold as pet.


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