We are a small show breeder in the heart of Virginia.  We are named exclusively due to living in the middle of all the major historical battlefields.  We are true patriots and believe that America's development is majestic and wonderfully important to our freedoms.  


We do not place dogs in homes just to sell animals and make money.   We breed to keep something to better the bred one line at a time.  We also do not place our dogs in this boutique idea of "guardian" home.  We will never place dogs in homes to later recall to breed.  We keep all our breeding animals, feed, provide health needs, and share our love with each.  

We show all our dogs unless that isn't the dog's niche.  I have had a few that didn't like that scene and okay.  But, the majority of our dogs are finished and are finished before they are bred.  We want to prove that the dog is worthy to be bred.

If you are interested in becoming a Battlefield dog owner in the future, we would be glad to accept you in our dog family.  Either drop me an email or complete the application.  I only have about 2-3 litters a year.  Therefore, it is paramount to get to us before you want a puppy to come home.  

We do refer to other breeders if we don't have puppies.  


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"Some  of our puppies will become great show dogs, but they ALL will be great pets."  - Frank Baylis

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