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Snickers was sent to finish her last three points towards her championship with a male handler named Cameron Leopold in New Mexico.
Upon securing Snickers, the handler lost her and not supporting the search to find her.  He went to a dog show in Texas that weekend while Snickers was lost somewhere in his community.  She has been missing since January 12, 2021.  She has a Facebook page and her own website.   We need all the help we can get to bring her home!  
August 1, 2021-  She is still missing.  We have had such wonderful helpers helping with the search.  We have spent over $10,000 to find Snickers from hiring a tracker to hiring an attorney with everything in between.  Our legal pursue is truly expensive.  We have purchase a Trucatch trap to trap her once we get her on camera in the area.  We have spent $100's on shipping items to NM to those who can use it in the search of Snickers.  The handler has not be actively involved in locating Snickers.

Snickers is an amazing dog.  Most likely, someone found her and wants to keep her.  Most likely, they will breed her to random dog and sell the puppies.  We are so sad for her as she is our family.  We pray for her return and Gigi is waiting for her buddy to come home.  She still hasn't accepted that her best buddy is gone.


MJR. Pointed

Battlefield's Shitz N Giggles

AKC Miniature American Shepherd

Greenville picture.jpg

Date of Birth: 05.25.18 • AKC #: DN54291903 
Eyes: Cleared• HSF4: Clear • MDR1: clear  • PRA: TBA
Hips & Elbows:  Good/Normal • Full Dentition, Scissors Bite 

Bred and owned by Karen Kollmer

Snickers is out of Meg and by the #1 MAS dog in the nation, Reno.  I can not be more proud of her.  We didn't show her until she was closer to 1 year old as we wanted to be sure she was mature enough.  She made us proud.  Two weekends and both majors finished, she collected NINE POINTS.  She is 17" full grown.  She also has a lot of presence as well as strength.  Therefore, when she stands against other MAS, she looks INCREDIBLE.  She has so much that most bitches in this breed can't offer.  We are selective when showing her as she is at the top of the size standard.  Even with that, she has fantastic depth of chest, a little longer not square like most, has moderate bone not slight, fantastic head like her father and grandfather Leo, has phenomenal structure and movement.  I haven't seen a Miniature American Shepherd bitch move as nice as she does and in most cases out moves many of the specials!!!!  Did I ask you to look at her topline?  OMG!  Her top line is to die for!

We can't be more proud of this young lady.  We also want to thank Reno's breeder, Patti Cutler and Ginny Verville, co-owner, for allowing me to breed to Reno.  I can say they have been fabulous partners in this breeding.  

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