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NON-REFUNDABLE deposits are accepted using  check or cash.  

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Master Waiting List

Deposits are $300 due after approval to be on our master waiting list.  Deposits are non-refundable but will remain active until you have moved up to a PUPPY LITTERS  at your request or when a puppy is available.  A pet puppy will cost between $3,000 (with a Limited Registration which means non-breeding or conformation showing registration) and up to $3,500 depending on the parents and the accomplishments.  The remainder is due by pick up of the puppy.


You will remain on the list until you receive a puppy when available.  

Please complete the application to get started on your future puppy!


Puppy Litter List

If you are ready to move up to the litter list when a litter comes available,  then you will complete the deposit of $200 and the puppy is on a Limited Registration (non-breeding or conformation showing registration).  This completes the final deposit requirement.  This moves you to a litter list ones a litter is born.  Remember, I always get to pick my puppy for my program first.  If there is a outside stud involved who wants a puppy back, that is 2nd on the list  The rest will be puppies to pet owners that are approved and on this list.  The remainder of the puppy purchase will be due at either 6 weeks at the visit or at puppy pick up.  Registration is completed after all puppies in the litter are sold.  Registration is done digitally with AKC. 



Final Payment

After a total of $500 deposit is received, you are ready for puppy ownership. 


Final payments are received at the 6 weeks visit or at pick up in cash.   At the 6 weeks visit, the new owners will sign their contracts making the picking up of the puppy at 8-10 weeks seamless.  All registration will be completed digitally through AKC with the new pet owners selecting their puppies names to go on the documents.  REGISTRATION will be sent after all puppies in the litter are sold. 


  Life's Abundance dog food needs to be ordered prior to puppy coming home.  Remember, to prevent weak bones and promote good health, all puppies must stay on this food for the first 2 years of life.  

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